Why you should spend now to save later

Reading this headline, you might be confused and think you’ve come to an article on stimulating the economy rather than something on change. However, this article is definitely about change – but we’re not talking about money here. We’re talking about time.

Last month, we met with a potential new client looking to develop the change capability of their leaders at the executive and middle management level. She explained they needed to do things differently to get different results. What they had been getting their leaders to do had to change as it just wasn’t working. She said that they had previously brought in external facilitators to deliver a number of short sessions to explain the theory and also give them some tools. However, this had made little to no difference.

After listening to her, it was time to explore how FOLD7 might be able to assist them. After all, this is our space – developing change leadership capability. We explained how we had helped other organisations and how this might be worth considering.

Her response was that their leaders were extremely busy and didn’t have any time to devote to this and they would only consider spending the shortest amount of time on developing capability. Our response, as politely as we could put it, was along the lines of this:

In order to change, we have to change the way we change. It doesn’t just happen – the change leadership skills needed, particularly in a time of major transformation, are different to normal leadership and often leaders aren’t aware of the difference. Finally, we gently nudged that to develop change capability takes time, and it should be considered a project in itself. This requires time, commitment, planning, agility, resources and sponsorship.

At FOLD7, we hear this all the time – can you please build our change capability in a half-day session or over lunch? As much as we try and tailor our offerings for organisations, we aren’t miracle workers. Unfortunately, building real and lasting change capability takes time. However, when an organisation does approach it in the right way, we know, and have seen, the real and ongoing results.

As we the start the New Year, why not make this your new year’s resolution? Spend the time now to build capability so that the leaders in your organisation are change ready for more changes. Because there is one thing we can be certain of – change is here to stay.


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