Our name

What’s in a name?

Consider a metaphor where responding to change is repeatedly folding a piece of paper in half.

Every fold represents a vital element in your response to the change.
The first six folds seem achievable. The 7th – not so!

Finding a way to achieve the 7th fold takes effort. So many give up at the 6th fold without truly achieving their intended results.

But if you persevere and get there, you will realise the transformation you were hoping for.

At FOLD7, we are not just confident about helping you through the first six folds during change, we know what it takes to achieve the 7th fold.


Our approach

Change impacts people
in different ways.

Change can occur in an instant. An ‘event’, often outside your control, may impact you in ways you can’t predict, yet which is obvious in hindsight.

In fact, usually the only thing you can control is the quality of your response to that event – and that can have a radical impact on people’s lives.

FOLD7 helps you develop the capability required to change across three distinct areas – Strategic, Tactical and Practical. All three of these are essential for success.

From our experience of working with organisations going through change, we have identified that the missing link in succesful responses to change is Change Leadership. Change leadership is not an extension of the discipline of change management. Change Leadership is now an essential safeguard for businesses and should be considered as one of the most important skills for all leaders.

This is one of our 7th folds, but there’s more to how we can help you.

Change Leadership


Identifying “WHAT”
is the best response

Change Leadership


Identifying “HOW”
to deliver the best response

Change Management


Responding by “DOING”
to get outstanding results


How we help

As a bespoke change consultancy, we tailor our offerings to our clients’ needs.
Here are some of our offerings to give you a flavour for the type of work we do:

  • Strategic Change Leadership Development Program – enhance your leaders’ capability in Change Leadership. For executive leaders, senior managers and other key influencers
  • Tactical Change Leadership Program for managers – providing manager with the tools and techniques to manage and support their teams through change
  • Practical Change Management Program for change practitioners – tools and techniques for change practitioners to help them develop their change management methodology

On change programs and projects to help you achieve your outcomes

Including strategy, planning and scoping workshops for change initiatives

Including advising and coaching on Portfolio Change Management and Organisational Change Management

Of individuals & teams in Change Leadership and Change Management

We help leaders and teams structure their thinking and communicate clearly through change using the Clarity Framework, in partnership with Clarity Thought Partners

With over 20 years’ experience in Learning & Development and Organisational Design, FOLD7 can help you develop your people by being your virtual team


Who we are and what defines us

Our story

When setting out on a journey,
do not seek advice from those
who have never left home.

                                                       – Rumi

FOLD7 is all about people. We want to disrupt the current state of change and make people the central focus in any change response.

Our mission is:

To ensure people are central to any change response so they can be at their best. Because when your people are at their best, you’ll get all the outcomes you are seeking.

Over time, we have been fortunate enough to work with a diverse range of industries including advertising, finance, all levels of government, health, higher education, law, not-for-profit, professional services, telecommunications and transport – organisations looking for outcomes and sustained benefits.

Our culture

We want to be known for our commitment, integrity and dedication.


The only people you want in your corner are those who you know always have your best interests at heart.


To get better outcomes we believe you need outstanding partnerships because results in change don’t happen overnight. Like climbing Everest, it is a big undertaking and you’ll need good guides. We’ll be your Sherpas!

Fairness & Trust

Any lasting relationship is built on fairness and trust. These two qualities will always be the basis of how we will work with you.

Our team

Louise Geoghegan

Louise ‘fell’ into change, and what struck her the most was that the way organisations responded to change often meant their people were not the centre of that response. She believes that change can be responded to in a more respectful way.

Rather than focusing on what is being turned on in a project, Louise knows the role that leaders play is vital in helping people and organisations move positively through the disruption of change.

A country girl at heart, her down-to-earth style comes through in everything she does. Most of her spare time is spent cycling and researching where to find the best coffee in Sydney.

Max Knobel

There are two main reasons why Max works in change – one, she likes people and wants to see them survive and importantly thrive during a change response, and two, because she works best when her life is like a tapas bar – with lots of variety and ‘flavours’ to challenge her change taste buds.

Having seen so many organisations rush how they ‘do’ change, Max is convinced that by taking a little extra time to focus on the response, organisations can achieve the outcomes they are seeking and their people prosper.

Outside of work, you’ll probably find her either cheering on the Wallabies or looking at stock charts to understand the psychology of the financial markets.

Leanne Pyne
Managing Director

Leanne ensures all aspects of FOLD7 just work, from operations to finance to marketing, and naturally “wrangling” the Co-Founders. She loves the detail and pours over endless excel spreadsheets, timeliness and master services agreements.

Her love for detail came from 25 years in the advertising industry, based in agency production departments, where she was both fiscally responsible for campaigns in addition to delivering work of the highest quality.

When not in the office, Leanne indulges her penchant for real estate investing, a renovation project or two and walking the FOLD7 ‘canine intern’ named Ellie!

Kevin Bryan

Kevin has always been working in change. Starting his career as a builder, he quickly learnt that people were central to any change, even more so when working on something so important to people’s lives as their home. He has long been a key influencer and mentor in the building industry on the NSW Central Coast.

Kevin is a straight shooter who just wants to help people. Even on holidays, he is off helping staff at the resort in any way he can. He brings years of experience to FOLD7, and keeps us on track, no matter what we are doing.

In his spare time, you’ll find Kevin on his long board looking for his next wave.

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Whether it’s a design planning workshop, project consulting,
change leadership development, change management capability building through facilitated training,
or executive and middle management coaching … FOLD7 can help you.
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